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Tacos, Nachos, Burritos and more!

Updated: Mar 24, 2020


The Taco Bar

What's easier and tastier than a "Taco Bar"?? Not much as far as we're concerned! Set up your taco bar with various meats & all the fixings! Be sure to offer a vegetarian option. We recommend offering our Original Cooked Corn Tortilla, our Fajita size flour tortilla, and a Mini Taco truck white corn tortilla. This will give your guests the most traditional options when it comes to tacos. The truly authentic taco truck taco has two mini tortillas layered (see the picture above). For this, we offer two kinds of mini tortillas: yellow corn and white corn. The best part of your taco bar is that you can prep it all before so that you can sit back and enjoy your party!

The Nacho Bar

At La Tapatia we believe tortilla chips are for more than snacking. If you think nachos can't be a meal, think again. The nacho bar is one of our favorite ways to easily feed a crowd with all preparation done beforehand and options for everyone. Starting with our crispy, authentic Tortilla Chips, your guests can top their nachos with everything from fresh veggies to savory meats and salsas. For a hearty nacho bar, we suggest our Tostaditas or Homestyle Tortilla Chips. Adding protein options will make the nachos a complete meal. Try shredded beef, grilled chicken, or Chile Verde. What's that? You've never tried Chile Verde Nachos?! It'll take your nacho bar to another level! Although we love our family recipe for Chile Verde, we often don't have time for that. There's nothing wrong with ordering your meats from your favorite Mexican restaurant. Add some sour cream and guacamole to the end of your nacho bar and your guests can indulge in fun, flavorful food! #nachobar #partyfood #latapatia

The Burrito Bar

You guessed it...our next idea for your easy, festive party is to skip the tacos and go big! For this party we suggest you use our Super Burrito tortillas. This tortilla is exactly what the name suggests...super big and super delicious! The best tip we can give you for a successful burrito bar is to start with the sour cream. Rather than a taco which usually starts with the protein filling, your burrito is best if you start with a base spread of your choosing and build it up from there. Your guests will be surprised at how much they can fit in this 12" flour tortilla and you'll be in awe of how easy it is to prepare! #burrito #superburrito #latapatia

The Tostada Bar

While we love the flavor of our soft corn tortillas, we have come to appreciate the crispy goodness of a fried or baked Tostada. The saving grace of deciding to have a tostada bar is that you can make your tostadas in the oven or fryer up to three days ahead of time. Simply store them in an airtight container or bag until party time. You can offer the same great fillings and garnishes for your guests to top their tostadas as you would in a taco bar. If you too love the authentic flavor of stone ground corn, try our Original Cooked Corn Tortillas. The natural corn flavor is unbelievable! Most people will eat 1-2 of these. If you decide to go the flour tortilla route, use our Gorditas for a plate size, large tostada. Finally, should you decide to offer mini tostadas, be sure to use our "Chiquitas." In this case, plan on each guest enjoying 2-3 tostadas. Our secret tostada topping? Traditional Mexican crema as the base...and a little powdered parmesan sprinkled on top. Seriously. If you've never tried either on a tostada, you've got to bookmark this page and go get some crema and parmesan right now!

The Fajita Bar

If you want easy but aren't afraid to do a little more last minute work, the fajita bar might be right for you. Simply marinate your steak or chicken, season some veggies and grill it all on the BBQ. Remember to slice everything in strips for an authentic fajita style. The Fajita Bar doesn't need a lot of toppings; the meat and veggies hold lots of flavor on their own. Add some salsa and chips to the line up and you've got yourself a delicious meal. For fajitas, we make a special Sol de Oro Fajita flour tortilla that is small, thick, and fluffy. If you're going to have a hot grill anyhow, try toasting your tortillas over the open flame. While a fajita is plenty delicious on its own, you can make a complete meal by serving beans and rice on the side. If you decide to do this, encourage your guests to use the tortillas like a spoon...tear them in half and scoop, dip, enjoy!

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