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Look who's having a work anniversary!

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Years of Service

Jose Beltran, 4 years

Mara Arlandiz, 4 years

Yolanda Hernandez, 4 years

Natalia Diaz, 6 years

Adelina Martinez, 23 years

Mario Ugarte, 9 years

Bryan Delgado, 1 year

Pola Ramirez, 2 years

Mara Mora De Uribe, 7 years



Years of Service

Jesus Orozco, 4 years

Juan Carlos Esteban Perez, 3 years

Rafael Romero, 8 years

Jose Meza, 36 years

Renee Echartea, 8 years

Pablo Sanchez, 14 years

Jesus Mora, 1 year

Adrian Ochoa, 3 years 

Fire Extinguisher

Fire Drill & Training

All employees took part in a fire drill during the month of August. This included training on evacuation procedures as well as how to properly use a fire extinguisher.  

This training is valuable information for the safety of all employees.  Thank you to everyone for taking part.

Fire Evacuation Map

evacuation procedures

Please note the following evacuation procedures and locations:

Front office and Retail Outlet employees are to safety exit the building and report to the parking lot on the corner of Belmont and H street.

All other departments are to safely exit the building through the nearest back entrance and report to the sidewalk next to the vehicle gate behind the building (located off of H street).

August Employee of the Month

We are excited to present the Employee of the Month Award to someone who has exemplifies being a "Hard Worker." Here is what was said about her:


“this person has gone above and beyond through all of her years working for the company. This year she has transitioned effortlessly to the sales department and has successfully opened many new accounts. She set her sales goals and has been able to meet them AND surpass them. She always has a positive attitude and is ready to help others if needed. There is no one better to receive the award for being hardworking."


The Employee of the Month for August is Patricia Lopez from the Office. Congratulations!

Patricia Lopez Employee of the Month
Emoji Balloons


Open enrollment for health, medical, and vision benefits took place in July.  Those who turned in their form on time (signing up OR declining) were entered into a raffle.  Check out our winners below!

$50 Visa Card

Sevastian Gonzalez

Pilar Ruiz

Amazon Gift Card

Evelia Anaya

Winner Image

$25 Visa Card

Kaya Lee 25 visa.jpg

Kaya Lee

Maria Mora

Jesus Flores

Chipotle Gift Card

Lisbeth Arreguin

Renee Echartea

Welcome to our New Hires!

Leslie Higareda

Robert Miranda

Lucio Rodriguez

Ana Lopez

We are happy you're of luck in your new positions!

Employee anniversaries


Alberto Ortega, 2 years

Blanca Gonzalez, 1 year

Elizabeth Pacheco De Zambrano, 4 years

Salvador Garcia, 13 years

Rafael Ayala, 1 years

Maria Covarrubias, 3 years

Alexandra Ayala, 2 years

Christopher Monis, 2 years

Leticia Rocha, 4 years

Fernando Espinoza, 11 years

Sevastian Gonzalez, 2 years


Jaime Serrato, 13 years

Paulina Marquina, 10 years

Sergio Molina, 10 years

Benita Ocampo, 10 years

Rita Cruz, 13 years

Rocio Ochoa, 4 years

Ruben Mendez, 11 years

Frank Figueroa, 13 years

Tobias Ramirez, 20 years

Porfiria Leon de Bravo, 10 years

Employee of the Month 

Rita Cruz

We are excited to present the Employee of the Month Award to someone who has shown that they display excellent "Honesty and Integrity." Here is what was said about her:


“This person has been a huge help to both Sanitation and the Corn Department. She is always willing to help out and fill in when needed. She understands the task at hand, always does quality work, and helps make the work environment a positive one. Her honesty and integrity shines through daily. She is greatly valued at La Tapatia."


The Employee of the Month for July is Rita Cruz from the Sanitation Department. Congratulations!

Rita Cruz group photo.jpg

Monthly Safety Training
Heat Illness

Employee Documents

Tortilla Expert documents

All the info YOU need as an employee at La Tapatia!

La Tapatia events

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