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Make Them    Smile

La Tapatia has an extensive history working with school districts.  Our goal to "feed the world" includes the most important people around...our children!  We understand they need nutritious and delicious meal options.  That is why we have always worked to produce tortillas, tortilla chips, wraps, and shells that meet the School Nutrition Association's guidelines.  Be sure to request La Tapatia products from your favorite distributor.

Photo of a student in a cafeteria holding a tray with tacos on it.
Featured School Recipe
Caesar Salad Wrap

Featured Recipe

As a bonus for being one of our valued school districts, you get access to our featured recipes on a monthly basis.  In addition, don't forget to contact your Sales Representative for the current promotional offer attached to the monthly recipe. 

Time to Celebrate!

La Tapatia Tortilla Chips are set to return in time for the 2024-2025 school year.  Be sure to start planning for nachos, taco salads, chips and salsa or any of your Taco Tuesday needs.  We will be offering our most popular items including small bags and bulk bags.

Children celebrating that La Tapatia tortilla Chips are back
Tortilla chip list
Tortilla Chip List

There's a Reason Our Tortilla Chips are the Best!

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