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制作它们 微笑

La Tapatia 与学区合作有着悠久的历史。我们“养活世界”的目标包括周围最重要的人......我们的孩子!我们了解他们需要营养美味的膳食选择。这就是为什么我们一直致力于生产符合学校营养协会指南的玉米饼、玉米饼片、卷饼和饼皮。请务必向您最喜爱的经销商索取 La Tapatia 产品。

Photo of a student in a cafeteria holding a tray with tacos on it.
Featured School Recipe
Caesar Salad Wrap

Featured Recipe

As a bonus for being one of our valued school districts, you get access to our featured recipes on a monthly basis.  In addition, don't forget to contact your Sales Representative for the current promotional offer attached to the monthly recipe. 


La Tapatia 玉米片预计将在 2023-2024 学年回归。请务必开始计划购买玉米片、玉米卷沙拉、薯条和莎莎酱或您周二需要的任何玉米卷。我们将提供最受欢迎的商品,包括小袋和散装袋。

Children celebrating that La Tapatia tortilla Chips are back
Tortilla chip list
Tortilla Chip List


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