Making tamales should be an EVENT




If you don't mind a little extra work for that humble brag ..."oh yeah, I made that," then Regular Masa is for you.  Just add baking powder, salt, and oil or shortening to "prep" it.  Why not go  a little wild and add chili or you dare?! 

If you're in the "ain't nobody got time for that" phase of 2020, get your hands on Prepared Masa.  This masa is ready to go.  You can open this package and begin spreading onto husks. Can we get an "Amen" for simplicity like that?!

Introducing our newest, finest masa.  We grind it just a little more for smooth masa like no other.  If you're seeking the "just like my mama made them" tamales, give this masa a try. So fine, it'll blow your mind. 

Available in stores now!

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