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La Tapatia makes the best tortilla products like chips, wraps, shells, gorditas, and other mexican food
Kids love our tortilla chips and parents feel comfortable giving them as healthy snacks
We also make products for your healthy lifestyle like low fat and low carb tortillas Tortillas
La Tapatia uses only the finest ingredients when making tortilla products
Food Service
We make chips, wraps, shells, and other tortilla products for the U.S. and the world
Shells & Bowls
Our many years of quality and experience have resulted in the best tortilla products available
On The Lighter Side
La Tapatia is a trusted name in Mexican food products
We are located in the heart of California's largest agricultural region

Since 1946, La Tapatia, located in Fresno, California
has been distributing tortillas and other Mexican food
products throughout the United States and the world.

Our delicious tortilla products include chips, wraps,
taco and tostada shells, and even low fat, low carb,
and fat-free tortilla products for a healthy lifestyle.
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