La Tapatia Tortilleria, Inc. strives to produce the highest quality, authentic tortillas in the market.  We use premium ingredients in all of our authentic-tasting products.  Although our company began with producing corn and flour tortillas, it wasn’t long before we realized that tortillas were for more than just tacos and burritos.  We want our products to be delicious, versatile, and part of any meal or recipe.  The range of products we offer can be rolled, folded, baked, fried, stuffed, and dipped!  Our ingredients shine through in every product we make so that you can literally “taste the difference” when eating La Tapatia tortillas or chips.

While we still produce our “Original Recipe” products, our current line includes corn and flour tortillas, tortilla chips, flavored wraps, tostadas, strips, taco shells, and tostada bowls.  Our specialty products include Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Whole Wheat, High Fiber, and Low Carb.

We service grocery stores, restaurants, schools, and correctional facilities throughout California.  Our export program is continually growing and does business in South Korea, China, Indonesia, Egypt, and South America.  In addition, we offer Private Label programs, Food Service items, and work with many distributor Programs.

We invite you to explore our site and discover the many delicious ways that we hope to feed the world…one tortilla at a time.






We are a family owned company driven by the vision of our owner, Helen Hansen.  Our story begins in 1969 when Helen purchased a corn tortilla line from a grocer looking to sell equipment.  Unsure of where this new path would take her, Helen kept her clerical job with a grain company and used her off hours to develop the newly formed La Tapatia Tortilleria.  In the late ‘80s she set out to research the role of tortillas in the marketplace.  She ventured into sales and marketing and realized that her business had the potential to expand greatly.  Thus, in 1993 La Tapatia introduced its Tostaditas tortilla chips to the market.  The wholesome, authentic taste was an instant success.

Through all the growth, Helen has remained President and CEO in addition to the Head of Sales.  Her vision has remained unchanged since day one:  to produce the freshest tasting corn and flour tortillas, using local ingredients.  The company now has over 180 employees, all considered an integral part of its success.  La Tapatia Tortilleria remains a family owned business, with Helen’s four daughters and one son-in-law involved in the daily operations.  With hard work and a passion for tortillas, we hope to remain successful for generations to come.