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Homework Help: Electro Statics

Electrostatics is one of the major contributions in Physics. Homework help bring this very important aspect of Physics Homework Help for all who have interested in the non-lasting events and concepts of electricity and magnetism. For those many important topics are mentioned with full details and their solved examples, if there is any problem arising in any topic related to this aspect our expert tutors will help you 24×7 with 100% perfection. Now let homework for me experts know first how Electrostatic charges help us in day-to-day life and most importantly how they work and what are their main concepts.

Sometimes, we feel the sensation of an electrical shock while opening the door of our car or by holding the iron bar of a bus-after sliding from our seat. Again, a person walking briskly on a woolen carpet experiences is discharge of electric charges through our body, which were accumulated due to rubbing of insulating surfaces.

We know that when a glass rod is rubbed with a piece of silk, the rod acquires the property of attracting light objects like bits of paper, straw, pith balls, dry leaves or even dust particles towards it.

This charge being large can produce even a spark. Such a spark can be dangerous in case of petrol tanker. That is why petrol tankers often have a metal chain dragging along the ground. According to study daddy the charge produced leaks to the ground through this chain. Now days, the tyres of cars and trucks are made by adding a carbon compound to the rubber. This facilitates the charge built up on the body of the vehicle to leak to the ground.

We learn from the above that electric charges are produced due to friction between two insulating bodies, which are rubbed against each other. That is why they are called static charges. According to studydaddy the branch of physics, which deals with the study of charges at rest, the forces between the static charges, fields and potentials due to these charges, is called electrostatics or static electricity or even frictional electricity.

Some of the important topics provided in this special addition are:

1. Conservation of charge 2. Continuous charge distribution 3. Dielectric constant of relative electrical permittivity 4. Electric charge 5. Origin of electric charge in electrostatics 6. Quantization of electric charge 7. Coulomb's law in vector form

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