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Who says you have to live by the saying "New Year, New You"?!? Not us!  We love you just the way you are.  BUUUUUUT if you just wanna feel a little better (or just feel like you're making the teeniest bit of effort), why not swap out your boring ol' bread for these "feel better" wraps?  Perfect for sandwiches, pinwheels, burritos, tacos, pizzas, enchiladas...we could go on, but you get the picture.  Two packages of our popular Low Carb wraps and one package of a High Protein wrap will get you through whatever 2022 throws at you.


This bundle pack includes the following:

1 package of the Multigrain Impact Wrap

1 package of the Spinach Low Carb Wrap

1 package of the High Protein Active Wrap


(psst...use coupon code BETTER for a cool discount at checkout)

*This bundle is only available until 1/31/22.

"Fuel Better" Pack

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