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We celebrated the Holidays at our annual luncheon in December.  Everyone was in the spirit, there was good food, and wonderful raffle prizes!  Check out all the photos.

january 2023


Rosa Ornelas

We are excited to present the Employee of the Month Award to someone who has shown that they are always “willing to start early and help other departments.” Here is what was said about her:


“She consistently works well with others, is respectful and always has a positive attitude. She helps others when needed and does what she is asked to do.”


The Employee of the Month for September is Rosa Ornelas from the Corn Department. Congratulations!

We also want to recognize the following employees who were also nominated this month.

Woo Hoo.png

Tobias Ramirez

Stephanie Sanchez

Gilbert Gonzalez

Brian Gonzalez


“She is always early & on time. She is honest, hard-working, and always has a good attitude. This person is willing to help others when needed and has good energy. She is committed to her job and deserves to be employee of the month.”

Benita was presented with a certificate and a $100 Visa Gift Card!

Benita Ocampo

Congratulations to Benita Ocampo from the Flour Department!  She is our "Employee of the month for August 2022."  Benita was nominated several times by her fellow employees for her "Good Attitude & Commitment."  Here's what people said about her:

We also want to recognize the following employees who were nominated this month.

Anthony Morini

Maria Sanchez

Rocio Ochoa

Rosa Ramirez

Stephanie Sanchez

Jose Luis Lopez

Patricia Lopez

Sr. Alberto Ortega

Tobias Ramirez

good Job

All employees can nominate a fellow employee for this award.  Unfortunately, you can't nominate yourself.


Medical Tablet

Health Insurance Update

Community Care Health plan became available to employees who enrolled  on August 1, 2022.  You should have already received your medical card. If you did not receive your medical card contact HR.

To Find a doctor go to:


  2. Select type of provider or facility you are searching

  3. Enter your city and state or zip code

  4. Click search

As a CCH member, you have access to Teladoc Services remote care through your desktop or mobile device. Teladoc enables connection and consultation with a board certified physician to address your health concerns from the comfort of your own home. Download the app or call 1-800-Teladoc.


The Community Care Health Mobile App makes managing your health faster and easier than ever before. Download it to review claims status, find an urgent care center, check on prescription drug prices, access Teladoc and much more. Download the Community Care APP today.


CCH is  covering 50% of the cost to enroll in Weight Watchers program.

If you have questions contact HR or La Tapatia employee’s Benefit Advocate Christina Paredez (Spanish and English) 831-789-8571


Congratulations to the Open Enrollment Raffle Winners!

Abel Ramirez:  $50 visa

Jose Mata:  $50 Visa

Lisbeth A: $50 Visa

Miguel Solano: $25 Visa

Christopher Anaya: $25 Visa

Luz Maria Perez: $25 Visa

Gilbert Gonzales: $25 Starbucks

Rosa Ramirez: $25 Starbucks

Estevan Hernandez: $25 Starbucks

Alberto  T Ortega:  $25 Panera

Adelina Martinez: $25 Chipotle

Renee Enchartea: $25 Buffalo Wild Wings 

Mario Ugarte:  $25 Buffalo Wild Wings 



The Employee of the Month for July was awarded to Francisco "Pancho" Anzures, our Retail Outlet Manager!!  Francisco has been an employee of La Tapatia for nine years.  During that time he has shown many admirable qualities, including this month's focus on "Good Attendance."  Here is what the nominations said about Francisco:

"He is dependable, always shows up on time and rarely misses a day. He is very understanding and builds positive relationships with everyone by treating both customers and coworkers with respect. This person is committed to his job, has great feedback and suggestions and is always willing to help others.”

Francisco received a certificate and a $100 Visa Gift Card. Congratulations!



We are excited to present the Employee of the Month Award to someone who has shown that they “go above and beyond” in their work each day. This person was nominated by more than one fellow employee and here’s what people had to say about him:


“He is always willing to come in early and help others, he teaches coworkers how to use best practices in their duties as a machine operator, and he has helped to improve the department in both equipment operations and the process of production. He is reliable and honest. We can count on him to accomplish goals and build teams.”

The Employee of the Month for June is Sal Garcia. Sal was presented with the award on July 1st along with a $100 Visa gift card.  Congratulations Sal!

June employee of the month

Remember, YOU can nominate a co-worker for this award.  July's focus is on "Good Attendance."  Click here!

Health Insurance image


Open enrollment for Health Insurance is now closed.  The new insurance will take effect on August 1st.  Your cards will be sent through the mail to you.  If you have any questions, please visit our HR department.


In order to provide a proper space for our ingredients and supplies vendors to wait while they are on our property, we will be moving the employee lockers.  The new locker location will be outside the Managers' office in the warehouse (where the vending machines are currently located).  The vending machines will therefore be moving inside the Corn Department break room.


Please note that when the lockers are moved, you will be reassigned a new locker. 




Our #1 priority at La Tapatia is to keep our workplace safe.  If we work together to be on the lookout for anything unusual, we can help one another.  Please be sure to follow the guidelines below for good safety practices when it comes to suspicious activity or individuals.

What's wrong with this picture?
what's wrong with this picture
  • Employees are only allowed in the department that they are assigned to. 

  • Employees should never enter another department unless their job duties specifically require them to AND only if they've been trained in these duties.

  • If you see any person whom you do not recognize entering, exiting, and/or moving within your department, please notify your Supervisor immediately.

  • If it is safe to do so, ask the person to leave the department immediately.

  • Notify security immediately if you notice any suspicious activity.  This includes activity by another employee and/or unknown individuals.

  • Report any individual who is loitering around or inside the property.

  • When using the entry and exit gates (and/or doors), always check to confirm that the gate or door is securely closed.

  • Trust your gut instinct.  If something doesn't seem right, do not hesitate to report it to security or Management.


new plant coming soon!.png

We thought this day would never come.  The Chip Building has been torn down!  We had to wait for everything to be inspected, cleared, and authorized for the tear down.  Now we are working with a builder to draw up plans for a new building.  Unfortunately things don't move as fast as we would like but we are hopeful we can have our Chip department up and running in early 2023.


Starting June 1st, La Tapatia will be honoring an employee of the month. This honor will be given to an employee who has demonstrated the trait of going "above and beyond" in his/her role within our company.  More info about this coming soon.  


Do you ever see something you've made or accomplished and think "I did that"??? Well, that's how we feel about our tortillas!  We want to take a moment to say bravo to all of you for making it happen! Every department in La Tapatia plays a vital role in getting our tortillas into the hands of customers.  We are proud of how important our product is to so many families.  Our tortillas are nutritious, delicious, and affordable; many people rely on us to make these tortillas every day.  We provide to grocery stores, restaurants, schools, and prisons as well as distributors who send it out to their customers.  Take a look at some of the stores we are in.


Warehouse Worker

Updated Mask Policy

What has changed?

Effective March 1, 2022 La Tapatia employees are no longer required to wear a mask.  This applies to ALL employees regardless of vaccination status.


What has stayed the same?

For Food Safety purposes, masks ARE REQUIRED in all production areas.

Save the Tortilla!

Reducing waste is a team effort.  Don't let your hard work go to waste.  When a tortilla ends up in the waste bin, it's a loss in ingredients, materials, labor, and sales.  A little bit adds up quickly and can do major damage to the company.  If we all do our part, we can minimize waste and maximize our success.  Here are some things you can do to help "save the tortillas!"

According to the USDA, 30% to 40% of all food produced, packaged, and prepared goes directly to waste.

Untitled design (65).png
How can I help.png

Speak up when you see waste happening.  Share your ideas about how you can prevent it from occuring.

In the Flour Department, aim to maximize the "white bin" every day.  This product will be made into new product for discount sale in our Retail Outlet.

In the Corn Department, be mindful of product stacking up on the counter stacker.  Instead of throwing it into the waste bin, it can be packed in a box and sold as "less than perfect" product.

Be aware of what causes waste and do your part to eliminate it.



benefits enrollment

Open Enrollment period for benefits takes place during August each year.  This is the time that employees can renew, update, or sign up for health insurance benefits.  La Tapatia offers medical, vision, and dental insurance.


If you're a new employee, we have great news for you.  New employees are eligible to add medical, dental and vision insurance at 90 days.


HR will contact employees once they reach 60 days to share the insurance enrollment materials and a video explaining the coverage in more detail.  If an employee elects coverage their coverage will begin on the 90th day of employment.

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