Our Story | La Tapatia Tortilleria, Inc.

Our Story

We are a family owned company driven by the vision of our owner, Helen Hansen.  Our story begins in 1969 when Helen purchased a corn tortilla line after a chance encounter with a grocer looking to sell some equipment.  Unsure of where this new path would take her, Helen kept her clerical job with a grain company and used her off hours to develop the newly formed La Tapatia Tortilleria.  The original recipes for corn and flour tortillas proved successful. 

In the late ‘80s Helen ventured into sales and marketing and realized that her business had the potential to expand greatly.  Thus, in 1993 La Tapatia introduced its Tostaditas tortilla chips to the market.  The wholesome, authentic taste was an instant success.   

Through the years, Helen has remained President and CEO in addition to the Head of Sales, all while raising four daughters.  Beginning in 2002, Helen's daughters and one son-in-law, left other endeavors to return to the family business.   

Our goal of producing the freshest tasting corn and flour tortillas, using local ingredients has remained unchanged since day one.  We now have over 170 employees whom we consider part of the "La Tapatia Family" and produce a full line of tortilla products.